Animal feeding

Do you want to know what diet our animals have? Come and see the feeding of selected animals that take place at regular times.

In connection with the COVID measures, regular commented feedings will NOT take place until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding






Regular feeding times

Small predators - 2:30 p.m.

You can find small predators in the exhibition of Badger Rock. Feeding takes place every day, except Sunday, when all predators are fasting.


Commented feedings

From spring to autumn you can experience commented feedings, which take place from Monday to Friday. Commented feedings depend on the needs of the animals, you will be informed about current changes at the Zoo box office.


From the second half of May to June, then in September

10:00 Otter feeding


July - August

10:00 and 15:00 Otters feeding
13:00 Bear feeding
14:15 Wolverines feeding
15:10 Marmosets feeding



Petting zoo

If you want to feed an animal yourself, you have this option in our petting zoo, where you can not only feed the goats, but also pet them. There are vending machines with food that will not harm the animals. The machine is for coins worth CZK 10 and CZK 5 and will deliver a dose of approximately "in the palm of your hand". Granule vending machines can also be found on bridges and on the snack island.

The granules are always intended only for the type of animal that is shown on the machine. Under no circumstances feed the granules to other animals or give the animals the "goodies" you bring. In most cases, these foods cause great health problems for the animals and the animal might die. Thank you for following our instructions and we look forward to your visit.


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