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Every day, one species of animal disappears irretrievably from nature. That is why they require our and your support. Zoos are among those organizations that try to create a lost balance between man and nature. We play an important role in saving endangered species. You can help us with that too.

Anyone can contribute to animal specie as a patron. A company, family, school or sports team, a group of friends, an individual or you can give adoption or patronage to someone as a gift. You can become an adoptive parent of a specific animal, a patron of the species or just contribute to the operation of the zoo.

Adopt an animal in our zoo

Choose which animal you want to adopt and support its breeding.

You will receive a certificate and tickets to the zoo, as well as a sign at the exhibit of your protégé.

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Become a patron of animal species

Donate any contribution to the particular species of animal.

In addition, from a contribution over CZK 5,000, you will receive a sign at the animal exhibit.

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What will an adoptive parent or patron get?

  • Certificate of patronage or adoption

  • Depending on the amount of the gift, a gift with a zoo motif or a free ticket

  • The adoptive parent or patron, in the case of a gift donated, will be listed in the list of donors in the annual report*

  • In the case of a contribution of CZK 5,000 (and more), a sign with the name or the name or logo of the company is issued to the parent or patron and posted at the enclosure of the sponsored animal***

* If you do not wish to state your name, do not forget to confirm this wish by marking NO in the order form - your gift will be kept anonymous; if not marked, you will automatically be listed as a public donor. If you want your name to appear, do not forget to mark YES in the form.

*** The text on the label and in the annual report is LIMITED to a maximum of 40 characters; the city name does not count to a limited number of characters.


How does patronage or adoption work?

  • You become an adaptive parent / patron for 12 months, which are calculated from the date of crediting the required amount to our account

  • If you are already an adoptive parent or patron and want to contribute further, it is necessary to send a duly completed application for each new period

  • Adoption / patronage of the animal as a Christmas present can be delivered only for applications submitted by 10.12. of the year

  • The adoption / patronage is only symbolic and the payment of the contribution does not give rise to any claim against the animal against the sponsor; the animal cannot be encountered, photographed or in any way removed from the exhibits

  • The gift is a deductible item from the taxes

  • It should be borne in mind that the animal may move to the hinterland or other exhibit during the year, die or move to another zoo; in that case, the adoption is transferred to the nearest similar animal


Become the patron of the animal

Adopt an animal in the Zoo


Always fill out the application before sending money, please do not send money "just like that". Then we have no way to link it with you otherwise.

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We highly value and thank all the gifts for them, because they also express that you are not indifferent to nature conservation issues. Thank you.

- Zoo Hluboká team