Become a patron of animal in the zoo

Anyone who pays any amount at their discretion can become the patron of one particular animal of the selected species. However, this amount must not be less than CZK 100. Patronage always lasts one year from the date of payment.

Patronages are only symbolic and the payment of the contribution does not give the sponsor any claim against the animal; the animal cannot be encountered, photographed or in any way removed from the exhibits.

If you want to be a patron, please fill out either the form or the application form below or in the printed version at the zoo box office.

You can pay the amount to our account: 387 00 387/5500; Variable symbol: 91421 or in cash at our box office or at the zoo office

The settlement of the entire patronage takes about a month. If you need to handle it in a shorter time, write this information in a note or by e-mail:

The patronage of the animal as a Christmas gift can be delivered only for applications submitted by 10.12.


Account number: 387 00 387/5500

Variable symbol: 91421

IBAN: CZ6055000000000038700387



Do you want to have a sign at the animal exhibit?

We will place this sign at the animal's exhibit if you contribute to the animal in a minimum amount of CZK 5,000. If you are interested in the sign and the animal you have selected has an adoption amount set lower, you can, for example, adopt two or three animals of the selected species. On the sign, we usually state the name and address (only the city), the name and registered office of the company, or the company logo (the text on the sign and in the annual report is LIMITED to a maximum of 40 characters; the donor's city name is not included in the restriction).


What will you get by donating?

Everyone will receive a certificate. Depending on the amount donated, the adoptive parent will receive details from the current offer of promotional items, or free tickets to the zoo. Your name will be posted on the zoo's website and in the annual report.

And perhaps also a good feeling that you contributed to the breeding of animals in our zoo.

Always fill in the adoption / patronage application form below or in the printed version at the zoo box office. Payments sent without an application are automatically classified as anonymous.


What if I want to dedicate patronship to someone?

If you want the patronship to become a gift, just enter the name and address or e-mail of the recipient in the form (I would like to dedicate the Adoption field). The address of the recipient is given for the purpose of issuing the certificate. We then send the certificate itself to the CUSTOMER as a gift, who can then hand it over himself.


If you know which animal you want to adopt, fill in the form. If you do not know, you can view a list of animals in our zoo.

Become a patron