Visitor rules

By purchasing a ticket, you express your consent to the visiting rules, and therefore you are obliged to follow them.

1. Entry to the zoo is allowed only with a valid ticket.

2. Accompany of children is responsible for their safety. Children under the age of 10 may visit the zoo only if accompanied by a person over the age of 15.

3. During the visit, for your own safety, move only in the visitor areas.

4. Do not lean over railings, concrete flower barriers and do not place children on them. Do not reach into the paddocks and keep a safe distance.

5. Animals in the zoo have professional care. Do not feed, disturb or irritate them. Animals have their daily routine. Do not force them to activity. If you want to see these animals active, visit our zoo at different times of the day.

6. It is strictly forbidden to pull plants, destroy mature greenery and enter the flowerbed area.

7. Dogs, with the exception of the blind people' assistance, cats and no other animals have access to the zoo. Therefore, do not bring them to the zoo.

8. Cycling, roller skates, skateboards and other means of transport are prohibited in the zoo. It is not allowed to enter the area with bicycles, use the bicycle stand with a lock before entering the zoo.

9. It is not allowed to play reproduced music, scream loudly, etc.

10. It is forbidden to bring animal feed, balloons and other things endangering animal health in the zoo.

11. In the zoo, we are considerate not only towards animals, but also towards other visitors.

12. Communicate your wishes and comments in the office of the zoo's directorate. Also report losses and findings here and seek first aid.

13. In the event of a gross violation of the visiting rules, a zoo employee may call the police, who will expel the visitor from the premises. Please follow the instructions of the zoo staff.

14. The Zoo is not liable for damages or injuries to the health of visitors caused by non-compliance with these rules.


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