Educational programs

Play, have fun and learn - the zoo help you with that! We offer programs for all types of schools. The offered programs are limited in capacity for a maximum of 30 students and take place in the modern classroom of the Education Center directly in the Zoo. The length of the educational program is 45 - 60 min.

We would like to invite you to our Zoo schools of all types for school trips. Enhance your biology and ecology classes not only by visiting the zoo, but also by one of our educational programs. In an attractive form and contact with animals, you will learn many interesting things about the remarkable fauna of our planet.

The educational program is included in the price of admission to the zoo, pedagogical accompaniment is free. Only one program can be used within one entrance to the zoo. We implement educational programs only on weekdays from 8:30 to 14:00 throughout the year and during the summer holidays for summer children's camps.


MŠ vzdělávací programy

ZŠ - I.stupeň vzdělávací programy

ZŠ - II.stupeň vzdělávací programy

Vzdělávací programy pro SŠ


Teachers of the education department

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Mgr. Michaela Hartlová (



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