Rescue station for injured animals

From the very beginning, in addition to its main mission, the Hluboká Zoo has also functioned as a place where it finds asylum from injured and sick animals from the wild nature of southern Bohemia. Since 1997, the zoo has been a member of the National Network of Stations for Handicapped Animals coordinated by ČSOP.

Qualified staff with experience in the care of wildlife and quality veterinary facilities provides professional first aid and further care for found injured or otherwise handicapped animals.

In connection with the development of the zoo, the premises of the Fauna Protection Center in Rozov near Temelín were opened in September 2006, where the rescue station was moved.

The center was built with the support of the South Bohemian Region. The reception of handicapped animals also continues to be ensured by the workplace in the Hluboká Zoo. Our goal is their complete healing and return to the wild.



Rozovy u Temelína

Rescue station for wild animals at Zoo Hluboká nad Vltavou

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